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La Belladone

Today I am reviewing Belladone. It is a kind of a new place in Saint Gilles.  The address is Rue Moris 17A, 1060 Brussels.


Even though the area is not the most vibrant right now, it is very close to Ma Campagne and Chausee de Waterloo which are of the most up and coming areas in Brussels.


The bar is very beautifully renovated with a copper bar and old wood decoration and lots of candles. It gives a very solid and cosy feeling, which is especially suitable for the cold winter days. The wine could have been of a better quality (but at least they serve prosecco) but the selection of beers is good and the prices are reasonable. There are also really nice snacks to accompany your drink.


It is not a gay bar in any way, but more of an arty crowd kind of place. The age range is between 30-40 on average. It seems a very friendly place for gay men and women and most of the times that I was there there was always some lesbians around.


It is not a flamboyant bar in any way, but the kind of a perfect place for a more mature clientele seeking relaxed evenings of good conversation. It was not crowded when I went but it tends to get quite busy during the weekends.


It seems to be the new place to be! So, go there!


More information can be found on their, facebook page .

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