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La Monnaie - Catclub Party

When I first heard that La Monnaie teamed up with Catclub for a party, I knew it was going to be special. But this proved to be a huge underestimation. This was not just a special party; it was more like a multidisciplinary art performance.


The grandeur of La Monnaie, with its neo-classical style, is undisputed. The entrance hall provided the perfect space for the party. The lights made the whole space more interesting and gave a reddish tone to the room, while the drinks were adapted for the grand setting, with champagne as the drink of choice for most. The waiters walking around clearing the empty glasses were so stylish and moved so elegantly through the people that they seemed to be some kind of dancers, or live installation art.


And talking of dancers or live installation art, a little after midnight, the normal music was substituted for a more classic but contemporary tone, to provide the background for a performance. Three male dancers, half naked and looking like Greek gods, provided a brief dance show. With no stage in place, the dancers danced in between the people, and gently gained way to a naturally formed small corridor in the middle of the room, so that everyone could see them. The brief performance and the dancers themselves were so beautiful, elegant and aesthetically pleasing that, from that point on, the party felt more like a dream than reality.


The crowd was very diverse. It was a mix of Catclub crowd and La Monnaie crowd. One would have thought that these two crowds wouldn’t be a good match. However, they somehow all fitted perfectly together.


The double staircase in the entrance hall, which leads up to an impressive landing, served as the DJ’s mixing spot. Lady Jane DJ, who started the party off, was at her absolute best. She managed to get the crowds dancing immediately. But most importantly, she masterfully managed to adapt her music to her very diverse audience, through mixing different types of music together. In her unique style, she built up and built up the beat, until the crowd was unconditionally hers, everyone dancing in full synchronicity, begging her for more… And her, at the top of the double staircase, the epitomy of cool, watching everyone submit to her…


All the different things going on at the party made the senses work in full speed. There was so much to take in…the marvel of the building, the lighting, the dance performance, the champagne, the music, the dancing, the feel of bodies rubbing against each other, the beauty of the people, the fashion… All masterfully and carefully blended together by the organizers… It was extraordinary, in all possible ways.


Someone said that the event felt like a private party, like all the people who attended were friends. Indeed, it was amazing to observe how very different crowds could fit so perfectly together. united in their love for art, it was wonderful to observe how what united them, overrode what separated them. And this was the real success of this party.


The merging of two different worlds together, in perfect harmony.Both the conception and the execution of the party were genius.


More please!

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