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Le Dillens Bar


In it’s one-year life, Le Dillens is becoming increasingly successful and it is now the place to be.


Le Dillens is located on a little square on the border of St Gilles and Ixelles. There is nothing else on that square in terms of nightlife.  At the same time, being located on a little square means that it offers a beautiful large terrace where you can sit and have your drink under huge trees.


The interior is quite basic. Broken tiles on walls exposing red bricks, wooden bistro-type chairs, large wooden bar. But this kind of “unfinished” look gives it a very solid, permanent feel, like it’s been there forever and that it will continue being there forever.


The menu changes every week and there are only few choices every day, but everything is good and fresh and the portions are generous. The brunches that are offered during the weekend are quite famous. Vegetarian options are always available, which is a huge asset.


Lately, Le Dillens started offering live DJ sets during the weekends, making it a great place for drinks pre-partying.


Le Dillens is open from early in the morning until late at night, so it is the kind of place you can visit at any time of the day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just for a coffee or a drink or even to party in the weekend. Its warm, cosy atmosphere, the fresh, hearty food, the big trees on the terrace, all give it a very intimate feel. It feels like everyone’s “local” bar, it feels like a second home.


Because of its popularity, Le Dillens is always quite full. Be prepared to have your drink standing up, or to wait a bit for a table.


Le Dillens is in no way a gender-specific bar. It is, however, incredibly popular with the lesbian community.  Very strongly recommended.


Le Dillens, 12 Place Julien Dillens, Saint Gilles. 

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