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Le Fontainas


It’s 6pm on a Tuesday, you’ve had a rough day at work and need a drink. Where do you go? At Le Fontainas. It’s 9pm on a Friday and you’re starting your night out. Where do you go? At Le Fontainas. It’s 11am on a Sunday, you are hangover and want a coffee. Where do you go? At Le Fontainas. You are suggesting to a girl to go out for the first time. Where do you go? At Le Fontainas. Etc, etc, etc…


The thing about Le Fontainas is that, it is located right in the heart of the gay area in Brussels, but doesn’t identify itself as a gay bar. It’s also one of the very few places where you can find the perfect mix between heterosexuals, gay men and lesbians, contrary to most other bars in the gay area which are predominately occupied by gay men.


It has a large beautiful terrace that is glorious in the summer, but is also used in the winter under large tents that provide shelter from the rain and cold. The decoration is very interesting, with kitch and 70s touches, while plants of various types and sizes decorate the walls and surfaces. The interior is a little run down and could do with a light refurbishment, but that is not a real problem and, in a way, even suits the kitch décor.


There are a variety of beers and other drinks, and snacks/simple dishes are served. The prices are very reasonable and the bar is self-service.


It’s generally open from 11am to 1am on weekdays and until 2am in the weekend. And it is one of those places where people go to at all hours of the day. You can find people having a coffee with their laptop (the free Wi-Fi is a bonus), reading books, having lunch, chatting with friends etc. And this gives it a very neighbourly atmosphere which is very relaxing.


The music is always excellent with electro, indie and underground mixes. On some Sundays, Le Fontainas hosts its “Lazy Sundays” evenings, with live DJs.


The crowd at Le Fontanais comes from all age groups and they range from punk to hipsters to bohemian to everyone.


I recommend it for any occasion, for any time of day, whether you are alone, with friends or on a date. Are you convinced yet????


Le Fontainas, Rue Du Marche Au Charbon 91, 1000 Brussels. You can like them on facebook.

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